Through our extensive knowledge of large business and manufacturing needs, PSC can help OEM's with their raw material needs, while containing costs through JIT inventory and competitive pricing.   

Progressive Services is a different kind of building materials supplier.   We are focused on our customer's business, their needs,  and most importantly on them succeeding in their business.   Businesses are made up of people, our job is to help you or your people succeed.   PSC's sales staff has an average of 27 years experience in the building materials fulfillment business, spanning a vast array of product lines.   We will get you the product you need!   From our headquarters located just outside Portland, Oregon, USA, one of the main wood baskets in North America, we transact business throughout United States and around the globe.    The detailed and intimate knowledge of various products, markets, logistics, financial modeling and industry data, becomes your asset when you do business with PSC.    To learn more about how we can help you, please give us a call or send us a message, we would be happy to give you the level of product and service you deserve. 

PSC is a leader in the commercial building materials fulfillment process.   We focus our attention on the customer and pride ourselves on being accessable, flexible, competitive and quality driven.   We understand the commercial building process intimately and align our goals with our customer's, and their customer's goals.   

With over 200 years of combined industry experience, we have seen the ups and downs of markets, sources of supply and product development.   We take pride in knowing we can help our customers navigate the markets safely, competitively and quickly.  


Progressive Services Corp.   (PSC)

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Domestic and international provider of Forest Products and building materials